Gold and Metal Detector in Pakistan

Pakistan Detector Technology is a trusted and authorized distributor of Gold and  Metal detectors in Pakistan. These metal locators are made by the leading brands like Bounty Hunter, Garrett, Gold Bug Pro Series, Nokta Makro

The price of these gold detectors in Pakistan starts from Rs. 54,000 for a detector depending on its features and brand name. These Metal detectors were introduced in Pakistan after 2010 when they became popular worldwide.

Due to their efficiency in finding gold and metal items buried beneath the ground surface or water bodies at considerable depth without any disturbance or damage to those hidden treasures which is not possible with other methods of treasure hunting.

The following are the features of these detectors:

– They have some special built-in modes for gold and treasure hunting.

– The control box is designed to be water-resistant or waterproof so that any moisture does not affect its functionality.

– It has a search coil that can be used on land, underwater metal detecting, and beach scanning with sand particles.

-Detection coils manufactured by Bounty Hunter use an upgraded design and material while Garrett uses surface mounted technology (SMT) to produce their advanced models. This advancement makes them more sensitive than the older versions of metal detector coils with flexible wires connecting them to the main unit