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OKM Rover UC Deep Metal Detector

Brand OKM
Warranty 2 Years
Made In Germany


The Rover UC is the world’s smallest and lightest metal detector and 3D ground scanner. Its sleek and compact design hides its high-end performance, comparable to that of more expensive, professional devices. Rover UC OKM comes with a smartphone and an app that may be used to display scanning data. It displays a 3D depiction of the scanned ground and is used to operate the device.

To find buried targets, Rover UC employs a special telescopic sensor that carries out a 3D scanning operation. as well as cavity structures, such as secret rooms, tunnels, and graves, as well as gold treasures, valuable metals like silver and copper, antique coins, chests, and boxes. In Pakistan, the Rover UC is available with a two-year warranty. German engineers create the Pulse Nova metal detector.


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